Race Day Info



After a two week delay, we are nearing readiness for the 2017 Wilson Swamp Stomp


Thanks for registering for this Saturday’s 5K Mud/Obstacle Run.  We want you to have a great and safe time while helping raise money for Hope Station, a great cause.   Read through this email and it will make your experience better all around.


If you have a specific question, you can email me directly through Thursday.   I will be “off the grid” getting the course ready on Friday so won’t be able to communicate back to you after Thursday.


Look at www.wilsonswampstomp.com   for more info and to see the wave times sorted by last name (if you need to remember what you signed up for)




Race Day Instructions


  • Thank You for running and supporting a great cause in stomping out hunger and homelessness!
  • Thank a volunteer; this event would not be possible without them. 
  • These notes are to help you and us have the most successful event possible.  Have a great run!


Check In:


  • Day of:
    • Arrive about 30 minutes before your wave time at Greenfield School (3351 NC Hwy 42, Wilson, NC).  There is parking near the start/finish and other locations, both paved and gravel lots.  Check in at registration by the soccer field area and we’ll have your packet with a shirt, race number, and pins.
    • You may use the gallon Ziploc bag that has your shirt and number, once emptied, to put your keys or valuables in and it can be kept at registration
  • Evening before:
    • We’ve added pre race packet pickup from 5-8pm on Friday May 12th  at Omega Sports in Wilson.  They are located by Belk’s and Best Buy off Raleigh Road in Heritage Crossing shopping center.   3401 Raleigh Road.   


Race Start Time:


  • Your wave start time is the same as what you registered.  It is posted at the bottom of this page, sorted by team and then last names for individuals.   Come to the start line a few minutes before that time.  The goal of this method is to reduce bottlenecking at obstacles. 
  • If you are a faster runner, be at the front, slower runners move to the back of your wave group.  Everyone will get started within their 15 minute wave window using this method.
    • If you are early and ready and there is a wave with few people in it, you are welcome to join it.  Just walk over to the start line.  In fact, that will help spread everyone out more.  See below for emptier waves.  
    • No need to notify if you change waves since we will have volunteers confirming names and start times.    Just jump in, come early, come later, whatever works for you.  Just know that last wave is 9:45am
    • Especially those at 9am – Consider 8:45 or 9:15 or even earlier or later.   Spreading that group out will make it better for everyone.
    • Number of Participants per Wave – as of May 9th
      • 8:00am – 46
      • 8:15am – 20
      • 8:30am – 22
      • 8:45am -   12
      • 9:00am – 57
      • 9:15am -   3
      • 9:30am – 12
      • 9:45am -   14




Obstacle Etiquette:


  • Most today are competing for fun and the challenge, but there are prizes for the fastest.
  • Almost every obstacle has room for two to do it at once, so like on the interstate, slower runners should stay to the right side.  Also, helping others is not only ok, it is encouraged
  • If you are competing for prizes, you must complete every obstacle as designed…it is on the honor system.
  • If you are participating for fun, you may skip any obstacle you wish.  No one will hassle you.  This is a challenge by choice event.




Course Marking:


  • Orange/pink tape  and directional signs will be used to guide you through the course.  There will be turn arrows to assist as well.  Unless you are skipping an obstacle, stay within the course marking


Race Numbers:


  • Pin these to your front
  • Each person needs a race number (even if you are on a team)


Water on Course:


  • 5K:          There will be water at the 1 mile mark and 2.25 mile mark and the finish


Obstacle Closure:


  • If an obstacle breaks or we must close one for safety reasons, just move around and continue.  Obstacle Monitors will direct you on what to do. 
  • With the excessive water, we may have to close the culvert tunnel and creek crossing.  We will do our best to keep them in the race plan, but must put participant safety first and will redirect you.




  • Top 3 in each category will win a unique prize with the event logo on it and your category and place.   First place will also get an Omega Sports Gift card
  • Categories are:                 5K male and female individual, 5K male, coed and female teams
  • Teams must complete the course all together
  • We won’t know winners until all have finished and will mail the prizes and post results later on Saturday night or Sunday morning at www.wilsonswampstomp.com 






Cleaning off/Restrooms:


  • There will be a hose at the finish line to rinse off if you wish
  • Restrooms with room to changer are located by the soccer field and signs will direct you.




  • We will have EMS on site to respond to emergencies and our Obstacle Monitors and course guides are available to help or call for help if needed.  If you need help, reach out to the nearest volunteer.


What to bring:


  • Wear whatever will be comfortable to run in but you don’t mind getting dirty or wet or ruined potentially.  Change of clothes is highly recommended, but up to you.
  • Shoes can be donated at the end if you wish.    There are places in the mud that you could lose a shoe.  Ensure they are secured. 


Lastly, this event is put on entirely by volunteers and our goal is to make it a safe, fun event to help Hope Station.  Our vision is to make it be well organized and problem free event that will challenge you but have fun doing.  Please remember, this is being organized by a small army of volunteers and if something goes wrong, please take it out on me, Michael Darr, the event director, and not on any of the volunteers.   We welcome your constructive feedback after the race.   We have incorporated several suggestions and lessons learned from last year’s event because of that.


Have a blast !


First Name Last Name Gender Race Group Wave Time
Cam Achilles M Achilles 8:00am
Hannah Achilles F Achilles 8:00am
Jack Akins M Akins 9:00am
Matthew Akins M Akins 9:00am
Carri Lozevski F All Smiles 8:00am
Sarah Matacale F All Smiles 8:00am
Jessica McKee F All Smiles 8:00am
Haley Winstead F Brewmasters 8:30am
Molly Youssef F Brewmasters 8:30am
Morkos Youssef M Brewmasters 8:30am
Roger Battle M Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Kara Buhr F Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
David Carter M Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Chris Haggins M Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Valencia Harris F Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
TJ Harris M Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
John Jones M Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Dave  Rollins M Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Mary Rollins F Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Chris Say  M Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Christine  Virgilio F Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Jason Webb M Bridgestone Beasts 9:45am
Isaac Campbell M Campbell Mud Puppies 9:00am
Kimberly Campbell F Campbell Mud Puppies 9:00am
Jackson Hardy M Campbell Mud Puppies 9:00am
Bradley Clements M Clements Team 8:00am
Brittany Clements F Clements Team 8:00am
Ginny Eagles F Eagles Soar 8:00am
Libby Eagles F Eagles Soar 8:00am
Sallie Gliarmis F Eagles Soar 8:00am
Casey Childers F First Christian 8:00am
Andrew Childers M First Christian 8:00am
Kristin Lamond F First Christian 8:00am
Kullan Lumand M First Christian 8:00am
Dan MacLachlan M First Christian 8:00am
Logan MacLachlan F First Christian 8:00am
Christina Terdik F First Christian 8:00am
Ray Vaughn M First Christian 8:00am
Matthew Vaughn M First Christian 8:00am
Ryan Vaughn M First Christian 8:00am
Emma Watson F First Christian 8:00am
Lee Powell M Frank and Lee 8:30am
Frank Thomas M Frank and Lee 8:30am
Forbes Good F Good Times 8:30am
Lauren Forbes Good F Good Times 8:30am
T Good M Good Times 8:30am
Redden Powell M Good Times 8:30am
James Powell M Good Times 8:30am
Medgan Wilhelm F Good Times 8:30am
Chris Hales M Hales Family 9:00am
Stephanie Hales F Hales Family 9:00am
Bobby Eason M Just Keep Swimming! 9:00am
Satyanarayana Kallepalli Raju M Just Keep Swimming! 9:00am
Heather Krebs F Just Keep Swimming! 9:00am
Renee Kriger F Just Keep Swimming! 9:00am
Phillip Rodriguez M Just Keep Swimming! 9:00am
Gabriel Ruotolo M Just Keep Swimming! 9:00am
Sravani sayyaparaju F Just Keep Swimming! 9:00am
Meg James F Meg & Teri  Team 9:30am
Brian Beckum M Merck Mudders 9:00am
Levi Dopierala M Merck Mudders 9:00am
Emily Hopkins F Merck Mudders 9:00am
Richele McKee  F Merck Mudders 9:00am
Eric Nguyen M Merck Mudders 9:00am
Reid Soule M Merck Mudders 9:00am
Eric Wilkie M Merck Mudders 9:00am
Kimmi Hill F Morgan A Feeling 9:30am
Sean Morgan M Morgan A Feeling 9:30am
Brie Handgraaf F Muddy & Aiming to Misbehave 8:30am
Rachel Webb F Muddy & Aiming to Misbehave 8:30am
Francisco Hipolito M Nuggets 9:00am
Christy Proctor F Nuggets 9:00am
Morgan Springs F Nuggets 9:00am
Alyssa Ward F Nuggets 9:00am
Brent Fariss M Slough Sloshers 8:15am
Jessica Mauney F Slough Sloshers 8:15am
Gary Skinner M Slough Sloshers 8:15am
Will  Powell M Smith Team 9:00am
Scott Smith M Smith Team 9:00am
William Smith M Smith Team 9:00am
Oscar DeLeon M STYT 9:00am
Deborah George F STYT 9:00am
Ashley Milton M STYT 9:00am
Carolyn Olear F STYT 9:00am
Joe Olear M STYT 9:00am
Joseph Olear M STYT 9:00am
Sue Olear F STYT 9:00am
Amory O’Neal F STYT 9:15am
Leigh Page F STYT 9:00am
Tee Page M STYT 9:00am
Andy Jones M Swamp Monsters 8:45am
Aly Jones F Swamp Monsters 8:45am
Linda Cooper F Team KLA 9:30am
Amy Davis F Team KLA 9:30am
Kimberly Woods F Team KLA 9:30am
Clark Mangum M The Mangum Men 9:00am
Luke Mangum M The Mangum Men 9:00am
Benjamin McBride M The McBride Men 9:00am
Jarvis McBride M The McBride Men 9:00am
Justin Ballard M The O.D.B.’s 9:00am
Joseph Johnson M The O.D.B.’s 9:00am
Jay Johnson M The O.D.B.’s 9:00am
Daniel Reno M The O.D.B.’s 9:00am
Brian Totten M The O.D.B.’s 9:00am
Marisela Cabello F Thomas Law 8:00am
Stephany Ceraya F Thomas Law 8:00am
Tammy Goff F Thomas Law 8:00am
Gabriel Medina M Thomas Law 8:00am
Hayley Baxley F Victory Fitness 8:00am
Betsy Braswell F Victory Fitness 8:00am
TR  Duckworth M Victory Fitness 8:00am
Brittney Finney F Victory Fitness 8:00am
Wendy Johnson F Victory Fitness 8:00am
Kristy Lievense F Victory Fitness 8:00am
Myranda Melton F Victory Fitness 8:00am
Moses Trejo M Victory Fitness 8:00am
Amber Weaver F Victory Fitness 8:00am
Don Edwards M Wilson Fire Dept 8:15am
Grant Huffman M Wilson Fire Dept 8:15am
Wesit Op Kaosombat M Wilson Fire Dept 8:15am
Jarrdon Mckeel M Wilson Fire Dept 8:15am
Jason Corprew M Wilson Police #1 8:15am
Steven Garity M Wilson Police #1 8:15am
William Hitchcock M Wilson Police #1 8:15am
Russell Ward M Wilson Police #1 8:15am
Amanda Escamilla F Wilson Police #2 8:15am
Shanita Monroe F Wilson Police #2 8:15am
Brittany Nestor F Wilson Police #2 8:15am
Andy  Page M Wilson Police #2 8:15am
Daniel Adams M   9:00am
chris amyette M   8:30am
Elizabeth Bailey F   9:00am
John Barnes M   8:15am
Grace Bradley F   8:15am
Michele Bradford F   8:00am
Emilee Butts F   9:00am
Kaleb Butts M   9:00am
Jim Carmody M   9:30am
Julie Clark F   8:45am
Meredith Collins F   8:15am
Jobi Cook F   9:00am
Ben Coulter M   9:30am
Rebecca Coulter F   9:30am
Grayson Coulter F   9:30am
Bruce Dale M   8:00am
Tracey dickerson-taylor F   8:30am
Melissa Duncan F   9:30am
Charles Evans M   9:15am
Tres Evans M   9:15am
David Halatek M   8:30am
Diane Hansen F   8:30am
Cindy Hendricks F   8:00am
Curtis Hopkins M   8:00am
Grier Jennifer F   8:45am
Randy Johnson M   8:00am
Cecilia Johnson F   8:15am
Peter    Koelsch M   8:45am
Holly Lancaster F   8:00am
Nicole lee F   8:45am
Andrew Littlefield M   8:00am
Chadwick Luquette M   8:30am
Melinda Martin F   8:45am
Jayden Mathews M   9:00am
Paige Mathews F   9:00am
Brian Medlin M   8:30am
Peggy Metts F   8:15am
Sherita Moore F   8:30am
Pierce Morgan F   8:45am
Rachel Nash F   9:00am
Brent Norris M   8:00am
Sabrina Oleskey F   8:45am
Nicholas Phillips M   8:00am
Caroline Quinn F   9:30am
Danielle Rivenbark F   9:00am
Jerry Rivenbark M   9:00am
Amy Schupbach F   9:45am
Ben Selfe M   8:00am
Emma Selfe F   9:45am
Hayley Selfe F   9:00am
Tia Thomas F   8:30am
Brandon Wells M   8:45am
Melissa Whitley F   8:45am
Ralph Willey M   8:45am
Jennifer Williams F   8:30am
Nephi Williams M   8:00am
Bryce Wolzen M   8:00am